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2. Introduction effect

  • Management of subsidiary personal information handling status

  • Handling status collection/update Implementation with Power Apps

  • Process definition for future guidance in case of change of person in charge/handling information

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​ processing status

1. Service Overview

​While collecting personal information processing status in Excel, errors such as data omissions occur using Power Apps to collect/update the current status and manage the personal information status of subsidiaries. In addition, we will guide you through the program according to changes in personnel/handling.


3. Management of personal information handling status 

​The video below is for managing personal information handling status  This is a usage video.

4. Main design details

Development of personal information processing status management system 

Although we collected the status of personal information processing through Excel, we developed a data collection system using Power Apps due to errors in data omissions and personal information changes.​

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5. Global case and similar cases

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