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Inventory Management

1. Service Overview

We automate the process of handling consumable inventory management manually from warehouse warehousing, and manage consumable inventory entry/exit for each vehicle.

It is a consumption management and export handling system for each place of use.


2. Introduction effect

  • Automated processing from the time of stocking in the resin warehouse

  • Consumable inventory entry/exit management for each vehicle in the resin warehouse

  • Consumption management and export processing by use

3. Consumables inventory management system 

​The video below is a video of using the consumable inventory management system.

4. Main design details

​Development of consumable inventory management system

Over 200 consumables in stock in a total of 9 warehouses  Transform a process from manual post-management management in Excel to real-time inventory management through Power Apps.

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5. Global case and similar cases

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